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Adam Tsiopani

Travel photography blogger

Adam Tsiopani is a gifted young photographer from Ireland forging a name for himself on the America’s west coast.

He spends much of his time travelling & writing for his blog.

Adam Tsiopani

“I hired Gareth in 2009 to produce illustrative work to complement and enhance my travel photography’s web presence.  I gave him a very vague job spec with an instruction to just, ‘work your magic!’ 
As you’ll see by his beautiful portfolio, attention to detail is king with Gareth and his imagery is very easy on the eye. Better still, he’s a pleasure to work with, very quickly understanding and implementing any changes I asked for and offering plenty of creative input and discussion throughout.
He’s casual yet professional, ensuring a fun work experience. I’m delighted with his work and would definitely hire him again.”

Adam Tsiopani, Photographer